About Wichita Laser Therapy Center

If you've come across a physical condition or injury that is affecting your daily activities, we have a solution for you! Wichita Laser Therapy Center offers a state-of-the art robotic laser technology to eliminate pain and repair tissue associated with many types of conditions. Chronic arthritis pain, post surgical pain, new injury pain and healing, wound healing and shingles pain are a sampling of the conditions we treat with laser therapy. MLS Laser Therapy is FDA approved and backed with credible studies to prove it's success. Return to your everyday activities with MLS Laser Therapy at Wichita Laser Therapy Center today! Noninvasive, safe, effective, FDA approved

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy at Wichita Laser Therapy Center is a therapeutic treatment that uses light energy waves to repair tissue and pain reduction. This robotic system allows the light energy to enter damaged cells and stimulate cellular activity. At this point, the damaged cells of tendons, muscles, ligaments and nerves repair themselves, and experience a complete recovery. MLS Laser Therapy is a painless treatment that lasts an average of 8 minutes. You may experience a comfortable sensation at the point of application. There is no pain, heat, redness or swelling during or after treatment.

What Can Laser Therapy Treat?


Chronic edema

Musculoskeletal disorders

Pre & post surgical treatment

Muscles strains, soreness & tears

Neurological Conditions

Sports Injuries

Tendon & ligament injuries


Foot, leg, neck, back & shoulder pain

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Criteria for exclusions from laser therapy includes, but is not limited to patients who:

  • Have known sensitivity to the device
  • Take anticoagulants
  • Take medication that is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight
  • Have seizure disorders triggered by light
  • Are pregnant
  • Suspected of carrying serious infectious disease where it is advisable to suppress heat
  • With hemorrhagic diatheses
  • Have HIV positive history