Fall sports and MLS Laser Therapy

Fall sports injuries

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By Tom Truong, DPM

The fall sports season is in full swing for students of all ages across the country. While the positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to being active, rigorous athletic participation can put athletes at risk for injury.

Pain, injuries and even infections of the limbs are common among athletes. That makes it especially important to keep feet and other injury-prone areas protected for your sports-loving athlete.

• Shoes for your sport. The best shoe for a volleyball player, for example, may not be the same as one for a tennis player. (If you have a daughter somehow managing to play both at the same time, she’s probably going to need different shoes for each). Every sport poses a unique set of stresses on feet. Sport-specific shoes provide features that help athletes deal with the challenges they’re most likely to face. For example, some need a more flexible sole, and others a more rigid one.

• Make sure the gear fits. Shoes that are too tight or too lose are associated with all kinds of problems, including ingrown toenails, heel pain, blisters, shin splints, and more.

• No hand-me-down shoes. We know you’re just trying to save some money, but used shoes are a bad idea for young athletes. Footwear that has already “molded” to the feet of another user will only cause stress and pain for its new owner.

• Proper conditioning. Hopefully, your child has continued to remain active over the summer months with rec sports, running, or just good-old-fashioned play. If possible, they should ease into new activities and gradually work up the intensity to avoid injury.

• Warm up before play and cool down after. Also, be sure to sleep well, eat right, and drink plenty of water. All these techniques reduce the risk of injury, not just to the feet, but also throughout the body.

• If you have any fall sports athletes in your home or care, make sure you’re doing all you can to keep them in good shape! If problems do creep up, however, the wisest course of action is to have them see a specialist as early as possible. Often, ignoring a sports injury only draws out the pain, makes recovery more difficult, and increases the risk of more serious complications. MLS Laser Therapy at Wichita Laser Therapy Center is an advanced robotic system that utilizes light energy waves to stimulate damaged cells. This state-of-the-art technology was developed to repair tissue while helping to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and speed-up recovery. In addition, laser therapy is non-invasive and produces no negative side effects. Commonly treated conditions include inflammation, musculoskeletal, neurological and chronic pain disorders, post-surgical pain and recovery, sports injuries, such as sore muscles, strains or tears, tendon and ligament injuries.

See how this technology can help your athletes achieve optimal performance free from injuries and pain. To learn more about how the Wichita Laser Therapy Center can help athletes, contact our office at 316-677-2898.

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