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What is regenerative medicine?

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By Tom Truong, DPM

No one can quite agree on a full, precise definition of what regenerative medicine means and what kinds of procedures are included. But just about everyone agrees that it’s one of the most exciting developments in medicine today.

In the broadest sense of the term, regenerative medicine procedures are ones that stimulate the body’s own natural healing mechanisms (cellular growth, circulation, metabolism, etc.) to heal injured or sick tissues. This is especially exciting, because it means that regenerative medicine doesn’t just eliminate pain quickly, but it actually restores healthy tissue and fixes the problem.

Now when many doctors use the term regenerative medicine, they’re usually talking about injection-based therapies (often using stem cells) or even growing tissue-engineered organs outside the body and then transplanting them. However, these are not the only current technologies used to stimulate cellular regeneration and healing. In fact, we use MLS laser therapy in our office to help patients recover from pain and injury.

The MLS laser helps promote a healing response in injury and aching tissues by stimulating affected cells with light energy. This triggers the cells to begin a whole host of beneficial processes, including:

  • Forming new capillaries to get more oxygen and nutrients to the injured area
  • Increasing metabolism so the cells are able to use the oxygen and nutrients more efficiently
  • Accelerating the tissue growth and repair processes
  • Reducing pain

Are you suffering constant pain? Do you need to get back on your feet fast? Have you tried everything, failed, and are now worried you might have to have surgery? If so, our regenerative medicine laser therapy might be just what you need. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with us in Wichita, please call 316-677-2898.

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